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20 May 07 00:00 |

Binnenplein Leopoldskazerne,Gent




ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO, maybe better know to you from Old Time Relijun, is an absolute master in all-round entertainment. With clarinet, jaw harp, guitar, Tuvan throatsinging and excentric vocal improv he brings an energetic performance in which he both combines and puts question marks behind genres as free jazz, rock-‘n-roll and avant-folk. De Dionyso walks the thin line between musicality and extacy, or shamanism, as you like. JANA HUNTER is one of the new folkies Devendra Banhart took under his wings. Hunter’s albums on his label Gnomonsong are full of melodic, somewhat melacholic songs that show an obvious link with Banharts music, but also very personal. Especially the vocals have a similar androgenic side to them. Knowing that she cooperated with the likes of Coco Rosie, Castanets and receorded a split with both Banhart and Indian Jewelry and you should know that we talk about neo-hippies just as we like them. TARA JANE O’ NEIL was born as an all-round artist. Originally visual artist, with side adventures in theatre and dance production, the last couple of years she seemed to focus on pop music. O’Neil is one opf those singer-songwriters that possess the talent to write sweet, laidback songs without being one of many in a row. The beauty of her songs are to be searched for in details. Lovely girly music. Also for boys. The psych drone scene in Meetjesland is rising! One of the artists that can prove this is called DUIVVV. This solo project of one of the members of Penguins Know Why, focusses on guitar drones, extended audio mantra’s, but also experiments with prepared melodica’s. Misty sunday afternoon music, a soundtrack for your moodswings.

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