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06 May 07 00:00 |


Courtisane Festival

CHRISTIAN MARCLAYS “SCREEN PLAY” w/ Steve Beresford [uk] John Butcher [uk] Paul Lovens [ger] Greg Kelley [us] Bhob Rainey [us] Jason Lescalleet [us] Tetuzi Akiyama [jp] Ignatz [be] Stef Irritant [be]


With “Screen Play” CHRISTIAN MARCLAY made a silent visual score in which found film footage and computer graphics are combined. The score is presented to three small groups of musicians that have to improvise instantly to the images they see. Marclay believes in the power of images to evoke sound. GREG KELLEY and BHOB RAINEY are better known as the duo Nmperign, with whom they broaden the interpretation of both jazz and improvisation. They use rather unconventional playing methods and get the maximum out of there instruments (trumpet and sax). This leads to an abstract as well to a surrealistic sound. Electronica and tape manipulations are the speciality of their good friend JASON LESCALLEET, who shares their passion for improvisation. Japanese guitar wonder TETUZI AKIYAMA walks the path of improv like no other. Proofs of that are easily found on releases with e.g. Greg Malcolm, Jozef Van Wissem, Tim Barnes, Oren Ambarchi,.... IGNATZ and STEF IRRITANT (Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat) are two flourishing artists from (K-RAA-K)3 with a shared interest for drones, folk and psychedelia, though with a completely different approach. A guitar war between these lads and Akiyama can’t result in anything but a heavy dose of genuine avant-garde. STEVE BERESFORD, JOHN BUTCHER and PAUL LOVENS are well-known figures in the European free improv scene. They first played together in 2002 for a performance on Radio Österreichs Musikprotokoll in Graz, met again in 2005 and decided to improvise more regularily together. Butcher touches saxofoon, Lovens takes care of the percussion and Beresford is an electronic soundsculptor. They played with Marclay’s visual score before and know where to find the sensitivities.

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