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05 May 07 00:00 |


Courtisane Festival

GHOST [jp] STEFAN LAKATOS [se] - moondog music


GHOST is the psychedelic world of Masaki Batoh, who started the band in 1984 and until today continues to explore all different kinds of music. Ghost are nomads. They play and live on the most unusual places as buddhist temples, old churches and deserted metrostations. This commune-like band built up a real myth around themselfs. The music they bring only adds to that. Ghost is ecclectic, but in a Japanese way: a combination of prog folk, west-coast inspired psych rock and imploring ethnic music. STEFAN LAKATOS carries the heritage of the legendary blind composer Moondog. Through their intense friendship Lakatos gained a unique insight in the playing techniques of the “Trimba”, the percussion instrument Moondog created. Moondog said about Lakatos that he mastered the instrument better than he did. In duo with Jeanette Lochny he brings Moondog compositions, he reads his poems and also plays own work that demonstrates the imrovements of the instruments.

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