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24 Nov 06 00:00 |


alt sax terrorism - dance - film



MASAYOSHI URABE was a born artist. Throughout his entire childhood he felt the pressure of doing something creative. At first he focussed on the concept of “songs”, later he learned to play the harp, just to entertain himself. It was not until some years later that a friend of his shared the beauty of the alt saxophone with him. It struck Urabe deeply, not necessarily the sound of the instrument, but rather the elegance and the image of it. Although he had a thorough disinterest in jazz, he taught himself how to play. From the start he used unconventional blowing and playing techniques. It’s because of this unique background that throughout the years Urabe has created a style that resides somewhere in between Albert Ayler and an undressed Nmperign. Together with dancer YUKIKO NAKAMURA he creates some sort of surrealistic frame that refers to film noir, erotic b-movies and disorienting Japaese exoticism. The skinny Nakamura moves in all sort of impossible positions; naked, as is the music. As a Japanese geisha demon that looks for the thin line between perversion, trash and purity. The confrontation between sound and body becomes this overwhelming that the audience is forced to search for new feelings. This evening Courtisane also presents three short films of JURGEN REBLE. Over the past 20 years, German film alchemist, J├╝rgen Reble, has been steeping found footage and his own films in bleach baths, rinsing them with chemicals during the developing process, harvesting them in his garden pond, draping them over branches and exposing them to the elements over many months or years, attacking them with chisels, sandpaper, or punching guns and corroding them with toners. In his experiments, destructive processes become creative explorations, peeling back film emulsion to reveal an incredible universe where colour and textures reign in splendour. YAMANOTE LIGHT BLAST 2005, 19’00, Sound, B&W A video recording made in 1998 on the Yamanote train surrounding the city of Tokyo becomes a ghost ride into microcosmic dimensions. The soundtrack consists of optical sound of the film grain scanned by the film projector and was combined with nature elements. AWAKENING 2005, 16’00, Sound, Color A poem with images and sound. ARKTIS - ZWISCHEN LICHT UND DUNKEL 2004, 30’00, Sound, Color 70 scenes of one second length from biological and geographical films on the arctic region are brought together. The images appear like landscape paintings. By the drift of the constantly shifting scapes of the moving ice masses with the interweaved cloudy texture filter the perception of space and time is disturbed. With a shimmering blue light in this ice scapes we move through the light into the darkness or vice versa - nothing is safe in this half world.

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