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27 Oct 06 00:00 |





The New Weirdness movement still is a burning issue in most of the music press. Now that the somewhat bigger bands from the movement are teaching the big stages, (K-RAA-K)3 presents Transmutations II, the sequel in which we present three generations of free weirdness. Charlie Nothing hails from the first wave of artists at the end of the sixties who said goodbye to traditional folk-, jazz-, and other standards to create their own psychedelic universe. His debut on John Fahey’s Takoma label, “The Psychedelic saxophone of Charlie Nothing”, can be seen as an answer of the west coast to the then flourishing ESP label in New York. The second generation is represented by the Bummer Road, a band that rediscovered that freedom in the beginning of the nineties, then under the moniker Tower Recordings. The all-female Spires That in the Sunset Rise is one of the results of the beginning of the twenty-first century, the latest movement that started experimenting with those (anti-)structures. To prove that this “weirdness” everyone is talking about, isn’t purely an American thing, Portugese guitar noise trio Fish & Sheep sets off the evening. MV & EE with THE BUMMER ROAD is the new name for the bands with a loose line-up once called Tower Recordings. The main figures are Matt Valentine, Erika Elder, Samara Lubelski en PG Six. The result of their combined forces makes one think of the English pagan folk from the sixties and seventies, like the soundtrack of the Wicker Man, but with a totally personal view. Long before everyone was talking about free-folk or wyrd-folk, Tower Recordings, together with Pelt, were already exploring new approaches to folk structures. Because of that they can be seen as the forerunners of the new movement. SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISE are four female hipsters from Chicago gathered in a free folk combo. They appeared more recently, but have looked at the first psych folk movement with Comus and COB as well to draw their inspiration, not to mention the second era with Sun City Girls and Tower Recordings. Their home base Chicago secures the band’s free-improv attitude. They never began consciously as a free folk band, but were discovered because of their primitive and ecclectical ramblings on all sorts of accoustic instruments and their unearthly chants. With releases on important labels such as Secret Eye and Eclipse the band proved to be part of the “haute finesse” of the genre. Moreover, their theatrical approach makes them stand out among their colleagues. Charles Simon, aka CHARLIE NOTHING comes from Minneapolis, and is a writer, philosopher, instrument builder, and a musician. In the sixties he achieved a small bit of succes and was asked by Bob Hope to tour through Vietnam to entertain the American troups. He was also asked by guitar hero John Fahey to release a record, resulting in the very rare debut on Takoma. Until this day Charlie Nothing is an unknown figure, not in the least because he always followed his own path, without artistic compromises. FISH & SHEEP is one of the leading bands of a new young Portuguese experimental movement. Together with Loosers (on whose label Ruby Red they released their official debut) and Caveira, Fish & Sheep belongs to a new group of guitar bands that get rid of traditional genres, with heroes such as Keiji Haino and Sightings and an adoration of the free attitude of the sixties and seventies. Pauze subsite

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