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26 Oct 06 00:00 |





It might be quite ironic but a large part of the black delta blues tradition is still being experienced and continued by white people. Lyrically oppression and cotton fields may not be main themes anymore, but the music still contains a melancholy that was found in the twenties and thirties, and that never lost its topicality. The pain of the soul is of all times and never has a musical pattern approached that emotion as close as “the blues”. Moreover, in few styles three chords played by three different artists can sound so differently. And that’s how you distinguish the real blues men from the imitation artists. With New White Cotton Heads we present three artists that handle the blues in their own personal way. JONATHAN KANE was raised with Howlin’ Wolf on the turntable and played the blues ever since he was a youngster. The blues influence didn’t fade when in his twenties he joined proto-industrial pioneers Swans. Although he left the band in an early stage (he only played the drums on the first obscure releases and the official debut “Filth”), it is Kane that introduced the slow and dragging drum sound of the band. After leaving Swans, he kept wandering around New York and work to work with respected artists as Rhys Chatham and La Monte Young. Jonathan Kane’s February project is al about melting those two styles, blues and minimalism. With only a couple of chords, Kane leads his band of four guitar players, a bass player and the man himself on drums, to stretched trance-like blues licks. EKKEHARD EHLERS & JOSEPH SUCHY are good friends with shared musical interests. Both artists are well-respected in the German and international avant-garde scene. Ehlers already proved to be a jack of all trades, going from Albert Ayler and electro-acoustic works to happy house. For his most recent album (the seventh one on the Staubgold imprint) “A Life without Fear”, Ehlers chose resolutely for an ode to delta blues gods as Robert Johnson and Son House. The result is whiskey-drenched bluestrip of a droning Suchy, processed by Ehler’s electronica magic. Laptop blues? Yes, indeed. JOS STEEN is an almost lost blues legend from our own country. With a voice that is in no way inferior to Muddy Waters or Mississippi Fred Mc Dowel, Steen howls you songs about everyday and universal topics. Blues in between kitsch and raw emotion, or how to slightly damage the Mississippi Delta with one note. Pauze subsite

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