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15 May 06 00:00 |




Adrien Oranga aka THANKSGIVING released his first records when he was 16. This folk singer reveals his lo-fi roots openly and (in his music) walks the path of melancholy, with a strong emphasis on the vocal aspects. He’s the house musician of the Marriage Records label and released at least a dozen of cd’s, ep’s and variants. The uncompromising fragile pop songs of this young man from Portland incites strong reactions: love or hate it. That’s what songwriter with a strong personality provokes. With her unpretentious vocals and miniature songwriting, ANNELIES MONSERE is an underrated talent in her own country. Last year she released in all quietness “Helder”, a remarkable album on BlueSanct (fyi: label mates are fine artists like like Black Forest/Black Sea and Mount Eerie). She toured in Europe and the US with Rivulets and dREKKA, bringing to light deep emotions in the lo-fi metier. She plays piano most of the time, but her guitar and cello songs are evenly beautiful. A second full album is on its way.

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