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28 Apr 06 00:00 |




Creepy out-rock, abstract free-noise or is there an other way to describe these bands? The SKATERS are sandwiched between severe polemics among believers and fools in the voluminous Belgian noise scene. With just a karaoke machine, sweet memories of lost luggage, a sampler, a drum as feedback resonator and some microphones these dudes from San Francisco cause complex, psychedelic and semi-religious music. Another interesting project from San Francisco is AXOLOTL. Karl Max Bauer’s soothing drones blend extremely well with his seemingly arbitrary chosen sounds. The living proof great artists only need stimuli like home made mushroom toast, sleep deprivation and their weekly “Lion” chocolate bar. This gig is a foretaste of the upcoming collaboration album with Inca Ore aka Eva Saelens from Oakland. Using her voice in a variety of shapes and forms she creates magical cycles of singing, moaning,and sound poems. Inca Ore’s grandmother has Belgian genes and her granddaughter is the singer for Alarmist and Malibu Falcon, as well as frequent collaborator with Yellow Swans, Jackie O Motherfucker, and the Skaters. The Finnish Jan Anderzén, the guy behund Kemialliset Ystävät, member of Avarus and countless other weird folk projects. Mutilated vocals, toys and backfiring grooves are the ingredients of Anderzén’s solo project. He regards TOMONTTU as an embroiled micro cosmos of spell-binding sounds only following their own logic without conforming to anything else in the spectrum between 20 and 20.000 Hz.

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