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21 Apr 06 00:00 |

KC Vooruit,gent

Courtisane festival



SUPERSILENT from Norway paraphrase their music as “no-man’s-land-music”. This suitable description encompasses their clash of jazz, electronica, ambient and contemporary music. Supersilent’s energetic blend is original and fragile: they don’t no rehearsal sessions, and distil their records from live recordings. The carrot for this Supersilent tour is the release of their new album—not just a CD but a DVD with abstemious live images by Kim Hiorthoy. Finnish Sami Sänpäkkila aka ES is definitely not a stranger for most devotees of the alternative music scene. ES received (inter)national praise from fans and the music press for his latest double LP Sateenkaarisuudelma. (K-RAA-K)3 released three of the four ES albums. Sänpäkkila makes integer, pure music with a sharp, psychedelic twist.

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