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17 Dec 05 00:00 |



SIMON FINN [can/uk] BLUTCH [be]


SIMON FINN is one of the mystic folk legends whom, after years of absence, finally reaches the surface again in the trail of the new weird Americana wave. Think Gary Higgins, Vashti Bunyan of Jandek. And - beyond doubt - Simon Finn! His LP “Pass The Distance”, was released in 1970 on Mushroom records, but legal squabbling forced the label to withdraw the record from the shelves. Finn also disappeared from the spotlights. In 1974 he moved to Canada where he taught karate and ran a biologic farm. In 1980 he left the countryside for a life in Montreal. In the meantime, his rare album had gathered an offbeat following. David Tibet, the frontman of Current93 was enchanted by this cult folk-classic and managed to write Simon Finn after a long quest. BLUTCH venerates under the cover of doom metal. A Western-European Boris? A less urban Khanate? Sons of the Melvins? A non-abstract Earth? These Belgians are masters, and surpass themselves on stage.

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