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10 Dec 05 00:00 |

Kc Netwerk,Belgie



The Norwegian SUPERSILENT is the flagship of the thriving Rune Grammofon-label. Their pursuits are eccentric: they never rehearse, the members only get together on stage and their albums are selected live-improvisations. They describe their sound as “no-man’s-land-music”, and this is a fitting term for their unique clash of jazz, electronica, ambient and contemporary music. ALOG is the Norwegian duo Sommer Eide en Dag-Are Haugun. Even anno 2005 they grasp the aptitude to remain fascinating in the electronic genre. The seamless mix of acoustic instruments and the computer is one of the keys to this secret. Their latest album, released on the eminent Rune Grammofon label, utilizes less digital manipulation and focuses on direct recordings instead. The American indie webzine Pitchfork wrote: “At this late hour, when the clich├ęs of music software have been completely internalized and we’re satisfied with marginally fresh reconfigurations of the past, it’s an accomplishment to make a record and have your audience wonder exactly what’s happening and how it was put together. Each Alog track is its own small world with its own internal logic, and Miniatures collects nine good ones without a single dud. An excellent record.” MOUNTAINS is the (live) project of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, the founders of the American Apestaartje label. Fieldrecordings, live-sampling, textured electronics and a sparse Americana guitar blend together into extremely agreeable sonic landscapes.

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