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12 Nov 05 00:00 |

KC Belgie,Hasselt


JANDEK [usa]


There is no price for the most bewildering, solitary and consistent musician in the history of pop music. And there is no justice on earth either. But if there was, Jandek (from an unconfirmed location in Texas, US) would certainly be one of the most wanted nominees for above price. His peculiar story begins in 1978, when he solely and reference-less begins making silent, nearly whispering music. It sounds like pure desolation. The songs are about contemplation, love, God and just rambling around. He plays an untuned (well, at least in conventional schemes) guitar and utilizes no choruses, rhythm or structure… and still this is outstanding music which, just like the delta blues of the twenties, is the perfect testimony pleading for a pureness and beauty one can only admire.

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