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30 May 03 00:00 |

De Redekiel,Maldegem

JOAN OF ARC [usa] OWEN [usa] JüN [be] (K-RAA-K)3 NONSOUND [be]


Joan of Arc (usa) : Of course you can’t have Owen without Joan of Arc. A unique opportunity to witness the full line-up for this quiet outfit. Imagine a deserted gasstation in a typical American roadmovie. What kind of soundtrack would you like to have? Indeed, Joan of Arc. In short: fans of Low, David Grubbs, Tarentel should be present. Exclusive concert for Belgium. Jün (b) : Local heroes get a change to open up the festivities with their mixture of My Bloody Valentine eruptions, June of 44 riffs, and postrock driven tension. Full blasting rock and roll, free beer for the punks, dropping pants and fun are keywords. “free beer for the punks” is their motto! Followed by partycrashing dj’s from the (k-raa-k)3 nonsoundcollective

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