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18 May 03 00:00 |

Nebo Boot,Gent



Yoshio Machida is one of the young composers in a wide field of young Japanese talent. His use of traditional Japanese instruments combined with electronica force and subtile mantra’s make it in a way meditative. Very original is Machida performance of “Amorphe”(which he made by his own hand) solo, or performs with a realtime processing system of MAX/MSP. Amorphone is a kind of steel pan, but the timbre is different from normal one. And the intonation is original one, not 12-tone Equal Temperament or Just Intonation. Released records on the beautiful Softl label (which is actually a Tomlab sublabel). A tip for a trip. Beterschap (b) is a soloproject from Toss bassist Nicolas Cornet. In the beginning there was IdM-rhytm. This still occasionall surfaces but his dark grooving contribution to the latest Gonzo Circus cd proofs he does have a wide palet of styles. Beterschap is a remedy against those typical IDM-poppy tunes in a way which can only be applauded. Support the electronica-scene where it really happens. Small-scaled and with interested people. Dj Nurse (b): one of the few female dj’s who actually has the right nose for good music and the skills and guts to brew her own style. The inclusion of own MD-recordings just adds to the completion of her kompaktchansonminimaltechnopopmix. Maybe you’ll dance, maybe you’ll just enjoy the music. Whatever: worthwile your attention.

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