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23 Apr 03 00:00 |





Peter Wright is one of these young Newzealand improvisers trying to live up to the relative succes of their “godfathers” surrounding the Corpus Hermeticum empire et all. Carefully releasing ltd edition of cdr’s in a beautifull packaging he made his way to a small fanbase worldwide. Don’t expect the typical noisy assault droney affair but a more minimal approach with hints to romantic pianomusic, gentle guitarsamples and some vocals on a electronica wavefield. On previous releases he explored the frontiers of what is possible in processing violins, mandolins, guitars to a melting plot with a typical melting plot. Köhn (b): electronica-pop-ambient-rock-indie comes from one brain. Belgiums finest shows what electronica is really about. Strangely enough he doesn’t play that often in his hometown. Gigantesque beats mixed with softcore poppy soundings should clear the way to a memorable night.

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